One to One Online Tuition Classes

Learning through technology has become very exciting in these days. Learneasy.co.in approaches this technological paradigm with varying degrees of enthusiasm and concern that ensures a smart learning environment. Learneasy.co.in offer technology-based study environment that provides top quality one – to –one online classes for regular students and working professionals. Online classes from Learneasy.co.in offer unprecedented learning opportunities and a new paradigm for learners in which dynamic classes from expert faculties are delivered.

MBA Tuition Classes

Management Education helps an aspiring manager to become effective decision makers in their fields through upgradation of knowledge and managerial skills. It needs application oriented learning by student for developing their business decision-making skills. onlinelearneasy.com facilitates management students in thorough learning of concepts by understanding complex business situations. onlinelearneasy.com bridges the gap for management students between theory and application, thereby ensuring corporate readiness among themselves.


Preparing for an accounting and tax related profession needs a complete understanding about the basics of business environment and to gain exposure and updates in every field. We, through our one-to-one online tuition classes, intend to help the students to grasp the fundamentals and prepare them for application oriented learning.


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