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What is an Online Class and how it is useful for the learners?
Online Classes are conducted through computers connected with internet, where faculty and students are located in two different places. Online classes have many benefits such as

-  Convenient Class Timings
-  Individual Attention for each student
-  Instant Interaction with faculties
-  Students can attend classes from any place (home, workplace, travel etc.,)
-  Very Convenient for working professionals by effectively managing their work, family and other commitments
-  Savings in Transportation Cost for Regular Classes and any more benefits.

What are the Computer System Requirements for attending online classes?
Any normal Personal computers with internet connectivity is sufficient for attending online classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com
  • Internet Connection
  • Operating System - XP, Vista , Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Software Requirements -MS Office 2007 or newer
  • Accessories - A Mike and Speaker.
Who can join for online classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com?
onlinelearneasy.com offers online classes for Professional and Degree Courses of Full Time, Part Time and Distance Education Students. One could easily attend our online classes at their convenient time and place.

What are the Subjects / Courses onlinelearneasy.com is able to teach?
onlinelearneasy.com offers online classes for a wide range of subjects covering Management, Statistics, Accounting etc., for courses offered by Indian and Foreign Universities.

In how many classes a subject enrolled will be completed by onlinelearneasy.com?
onlinelearneasy.com do not limit with fixed number of classes for a particular subject enrolled by students. Based on students requirement number of classes will be handled by faculties.

What will be the duration of each class offered by onlinelearneasy.com?
Duration of each class will be for One Hour of 60 minutes. Based on student’s requirement and convenience, this duration of each class can be extended or reduced without compromising the quality of teaching.

What will be the timings and days for online classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com?
Online classes of onlinelearneasy.com are available for maximum hours in a day and seven days of week.

What is the competency level of faculties handling online classes?
Online Classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com are handled by diverse team of well qualified, talented and dedicated faculties, where students can interact instantly with them for learning their subjects thoroughly.

What Teaching Methodology adopted by faculties for Online Classes?
At onlinelearneasy.com, base of subject is initially explained to a student which creates an interest for them towards learning a particular subject. Then subject is clearly taught with referring real time examples wherever required. Online classes at onlinelearneasy.com are highly interactive and faculties have pedagogical approach which provokes students to think beyond syllabus and apply in real time situations in practice. For subjects like accountancy, mathematics, statistics etc., practical problems are worked out and questions for practice are given to students. Any clarification in working out these practice questions will be discussed by faculty member.

Could I interact with Faculty to get my doubts clarified in subject?
YES, online classes of onlinelearneasy.com are live and direct. Students could instantly interact with faculty to get their doubts clarified and also enter into discussion with the subject taught.

Will I get a Demo Class before joining onlinelearneasy.com?
YES, onlinelearneasy.com offers a demo class for students in subject of their choice. This will give a clear idea for students about online classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com.

Do you discuss previous years university examination question papers?
YES, previous years university examination question papers will be discussed, which will help in prioritizing topics for their exams and concentrate well in most critical areas for scoring high marks.

Will onlinelearneasy.com provide Practice Questions for subjects that I have enrolled?
YES, after a particular topic is completed, onlinelearneasy.com provides necessary practice questions and any clarifications in this could be discussed with faculty.

Do I get revision classes from onlinelearneasy.com, when exams are nearing?
YES, based on student’s requirement revision classes will be conducted when exams are nearing which enable students to revisit topics they have learnt and recap in an easier manner.

What are the features of online classes offered by onlinelearneasy.com?

Features of Online Classes from onlinelearneasy.com are -  Learn Easily
-  Learn from Experts
-  Learn with Instant Interaction
-  Learn without Distance Hamper
-   Learn without Time hassle
-  Learn Thoroughly
-   Learn from Home / Work / Travel
-   Learn Conveniently
-  Learn Comfortably
-  Learn Quickly
-  Learn Lively
-  Learn at Less Cost


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